Pilates attracts all walks of life. It is a method to be used skillfully determined by the body presented and the goals in sight.

Pilates is perfect if you are an athlete looking for a competitive edge or in need of recovery. It’s just as useful if you just want to explore movement, develop self awareness or you just want to overall improved physical and mental health.

Pilates is more than exercise, more than stretching, not just for back aches or toning your core. It’s a rich system, scientific in approach and a mindful movement practise that calls on us to develop ease of movement and changes you for the better.

Pilates is a system that can be adapted and explored for deeper connection, self awareness and intense tranformation. You will develop both mind and body while you find more strength, stretch and control.

  • Build mind body connection for overall health.

  • Balance stretch, strength and control for greater function

  • Connect your movement for efficiency and stamina.

  • Explore movement without stressing joints.


“Constantly keep in mind that true flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.”

Joseph Pilates